Spook & Sniff

Oct 31 Spook & Sniff at Exercised Finished in Chicopee MA. $25 per team

Oct 31 Spook & Sniff at Exercised Finished in Chicopee MA. $25 per team Email Debbie at EFDTCINFO@aol.com

Registration deadline is Oct 25th.

Teams who have registered AND paid, will receive an email on Oct 28th detailing more about what you need to know on the day of the event and what levels will run first, second, etc.

Please note: Registration is NOT complete until Debbie has received your payment.


Send an email to efdtcinfo@aol.com with the subject line SPOOK AND SNIFF. Debbie will email you the registration form and other information.

Search Area types:

  1. We will have some low level distraction search areas appropriate for all dogs and handlers.
  2. We will have some spooky search areas that will challenge teams to work through environmentally stimulating areas.
    1. Our aim is to provide you with some fun but challenging areas to search.
    2. All areas will be safe but they will have some spooky stuff, animated objects, and people doing odd things.
    3. These areas will have holiday specific themes and may be more challenging to the handlers than the dogs. You’re not afraid of ghosts are you?
    4. HOWEVER, if you have an environmentally sensitive dog PLEASE consider carefully if you want to enter into these search areas.
    5. We reserve the right to stop any search where a dog is showing undue stress from the judge’s point of view.
    6. If you do not feel your dog can work in the more challenging areas PLEASE let us know and we will adjust accordingly; we want you to have fun!!

How Searches will be run:

  1. Handlers will each have a challenge that they will participate in to discover how they will work the search area:
    1. Each handler will have a “challenge” to complete before you and your dog run.
    2. You will be able to have your dog with you when you complete the challenge.
    3. You can either hold your dog or the judge’s steward can hold the dog while you complete your challenge.
    4. Completion of the “challenge” will tell and the judge you how you will run the search area.

Costume Contest will happen during a break in the run order mid-afternoon and prizes will be awarded.

Crating will be outside in your vehicle as the heat will not be an issue.

This event is NOT appropriate for dogs who struggle with reactivity.

Food & Drink: We will offer pizza, drinks, and snacks. We are very happy to receive any potluck food items folks would like to bring just be aware that we have no kitchen or refrigerator facilities.

K9NW Protocol: This event is run as an K9 Nose Work type event and as such K9NW protocols are in place regarding handling of dogs, crating, and other rules. This is a search event first and foremost, so please keep your dogs crated when not working, give other handler teams plenty of space, keep your dogs on a SHORT LEAD when not searching, and please be respectful of the doggie daycare clients coming and going from the Good Dog Spot downstairs on Saturday.

Please be respectful of the facilities and always pick up after your dog.