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If you’re on this page you may wish to register for one of our classes held at a training center in your area.  In order to learn more please contact us at and we will either register you ourselves or let you know who to contact at the training center. Classes run for 6 weeks, though we may skip a week here and there for holidays etc. They are 1 to 1.5 hours long with 4 to 7 handler teams per class.

COVID (this is subject to change): Currently, covid vaccination is required to attend class UNLESS someone has had a recent case of covid as we are mindful that there are different recommendations on when recommended to be vaccinated post-covid.


In 2022 we offer classes at the following locations:

Exercised Finished in Chicopee, MA.

Sunday afternoon & evenings: Introduction to K9 Nose Work (pre-odor classes using primary ‘food’ or ‘toy’) and Trained Odor classes 

Thursday late morning until 4 pm: Introduction to K9 Nose Work (pre-odor classes using primary ‘food’ or ‘toy’) and Trained Odor classes.

The Good Dog Spot in Bloomfield, CT.

Thursday evenings: Introduction to K9 Nose Work (pre-odor classes using primary ‘food’ or ‘toy’) and trained odor trial prep classes.

Student enrolling in any K9 Sniff Works classes MUST be flexible with regard to six *consecutive* weekly classes as there will be interruptions such as inclement weather, continuing education, and USAR trainings and deployments. IF a handler requires six consecutive weeks due to other commitments please consider if K9 Sniff Works classes can accommodate your needs. 

NOTE: Handlers who enroll in Jennifer Porth’s Sniffin class at EF now get priority access to enrolling in the next available K9 Sniff Works K9NW class (Intro 1). This means that your best chance of enrolling in a novice NW class is via Sniffin as we find the Intro 1 classes are completely filling with Sniffin handlers. There is NO Sniffin equivalent at TGDS in CT; therefore, novice teams can enroll in Intro 1 directly. 

The Sniffin priority registration DOES NOT apply to NW teams in CT nor dogs already on trained odor who took classes with a CNWI or other well qualified instructor; in that case please contact us to arrange for a free evaluation of your team.

SPECIAL EVENTS: We do occasionally offer unsanctioned trials for highly reactive dogs who cannot trial under normal circumstances, roaming classes, sniff thrus, and special themed class events. Please send us an email if you would like to added to the special events email list; these events go out to currently enrolled handlers and then if there are spaces left the registration is opened to those handlers on the special events list. Please indicate what level your team is working at when replying (NW1, NW2, NW3, Elite, Summit, etc). 


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