Special Classes and Events

This page will periodically have information on special classes, working clinics, and event (mock and sniff-n-go, etc) offerings. These special classes are meant to share information that we were exposed to during our travels around the US and while we were living in LA.
In other words, we want to share the information we learned out-there with folks back-here. 
If you’re interested in having any of these classes in your area please contact us at K9sniffworks@gmail.com


March 29th Hanover, MD

March 29th Hanover, MD


Vehicle Refocusing and Off-lead Vehicle Search Class

Date: March 16, 2014

Location: Columbia, CT.  Once you have sent in your form, you will receive payment info, the address, and further details.

Venue: Inside fully secure modern horse arena with different types of vehicles including equipment used on the farm.

Objectives: Modeled after a working clinic we attended in Los Angeles, this class will begin with a refocusing exercise involving strategic hide placement on various locations in sequence. The second part of this class will incorporate off-lead searches, should the handler choose, of multiple vehicles to gain a greater understanding of how dog’s natural working patterns manifest on vehicles with various hide placements. The goal is to give the handler and other students a richer picture of how dogs work vehicles with minimal handler involvement. We will examine and discuss how the dogs work various hides (including seam, deep, and converging) to further develop student’s skills with regard to reading dogs during vehicle searches. All dogs will participate in the vehicle refocusing portion. During the off-lead portion, depending on time constraints, we may divide dogs into groups and have each group work different off-lead hide scenarios.

What to bring: Please bring a chair and PLENTY of treats, we will go through more than you might expect.

Video: We will be taking video again during this event and we can upload HD video for an extra $5.00 fee. Handlers are welcome to have another student video their dog’s runs from behind the viewing area barrier if they choose (do to the off-lead nature of this search and the need to have the dogs focused on the vehicles students will be situated behind a barrier). 

To sign up for class: This class will involve off-lead searching and each class will have limited enrollment.

  1. Please see the class levels and class times below.
  2. PUT YOUR DOG’S NAME & CLASS NUMBER in the SUBJECT LINE of the contact form.  Example: Possum Class 2
  3. Please indicate if you want Video or No Video in the body of the contact form.
  4. Cost is per dog.
  5. Each dog needs its own contact form; if you are running multiple dogs each one needs a separate form. 
  6. Registration taken in order of time stamp on contact form. First in ,best dressed as they say down under.

Class 1: Novice teams working toward NW1. (this class will not involve off-lead searching but will include multiple vehicles with an emphasis on helping the dogs focus on searching different vehicles)    Odor: Birch   Cost: $30 or punch card  (video $5.00 extra)  Time: 8:30-10:30 am  Note time change; I will be sending an email out.  CLASS 1 is FULL; we are not accepting any more for this class. (if you would like this class please contact us using the form below to get on the wait-list. In the Subject Line put DOG’S NAME, Class 1, Wait-list) (If enough people are interested we may run an early morning class) 

Class 2: Intermediate teams working toward their NW2  (or who recently received their NW2).  Odor: Birch & Anise  Cost: $40 ($45 w/video)  Time: 11:30-1:30 pm  CLASS 2 is FULL Not accepting any more for this class; SEE Class 4

Class 3: Advanced teams working toward NW3 (or those who have NW3).   Odor Birch, Anise, & Clove   Cost: $40 ($45 w/video)   Time: 2:00-4:00 pm CLASS 3 is FULL. Not accepting any more at this time. Two options: Class 4 would be a good option if you don’t mind just two odors OR use the contact form to send a wait-list request. Format in Subject Line: Dog’s Name, Class 3 Wait-list 

Class 4: (same as Class 2) Time: 4:00 to 6:00. There are a few more spots in this class. Please register soon if you’re interested.