Certifications & Professional Development

National Association of Canine Scent Work Instructor Program, Des Moines, IA
Instructors: Amy Herot, Ron Gaunt, Jill Marie O’Brien
Current certification level: Associate Nose Work Instructor with the NACSW
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner Program, International, Sequim, WA
Instructor: Terry Ryan
Current certification level: KPA-CTP pending, practical assessment successfully completed, anticipated full completion May 2013
TAGteach Primary Certification and Training Seminar, Asheville, NC
Instructor: Theresa McKeon
Current certification level: Primary level
Behavioral Adjustment Training Instructor Certification Course, Westborough, MA
Instructor: Grisha Stewart
Current certification level: CBATI pending, practical assessment in progress, exam complete with high honors, anticipated completion Sept 2013  
Internship Legacy Canine, Sequim, WA
Instructor: Terry Ryan, Bill Ryan, Jenni Dix, Elaine Dietrich
Duration: Feb-Aug 2012
Instructor Training Course, Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, Accord, NY
Instructors: Pia Silvani and Sue Sternberg
May 2012
K9NW Handle It! Seminar, Fishkill, NY
Instructor: Amy Herot
May 2013 (pre-registered for seminar)
IAABC Behavior in Practice Symposium, Warwick, RI
Presenters: Dr. Susan Friedman, Theresa McKeon, Chirag Patel
April 2013
Chicken Training Mini-Workshop, Warwick, RI
Instructors: Bob Bailey and Parvene Farhoody
April 2013
K9 Nose Work® Training Camp, Multiple Locations
Instructors: Amy Herot, Ron Gaunt, Jill Marie O’Brien, Kim Buchanan, Barbara Schwerdt, Ramona Audette, Jacy Kelley, Dana Zinn, Donna Hreniuk, Penny Scott-Fox, Jo-Trent, Jeff McMahon
Camps attended: April 2013 GA, September 2012 PA, October 2013 CO (will attend)
K9 Nose Work® K9 Team Work From Foundation to Trial Day, Leeds, AL
Instructor: Amy Herot
March 2013
ClickerExpo Conference, Multiple Locations
March 2013 Stamford, CT; January 2012 Portland, OR
K9 Nose Work® Intensive Two Month Training Stint, Greater Los Angeles, CA
CNWI Instructors: Amy Herot, Jill Marie O’Brien, Kim Buchanan, Barbara Schwerdt, Ramona Audette, Penny Scott-Fox, Jo-Trent, Julie Gaunt, Roxanne Baudry, Lauralea Oliver, Chris Busch, Laura Busch
January-February 2013
K9 Nose Work® Combined B/C Continuing, Skill Building/Inaccessible Hides and Skill Building/Multiple Odors, Orange, CA
Instructor: Kim Buchanan
Jan 2013
K9 Nose Work® Converging Odors: Solving the Puzzle, Hudson, MA
Instructor: Barbara Schwerdt
October 2012
Scent Work Handling: Exterior & Vehicle Searching Seminar, York, ME
Instructor: Carolyn Barney
October 2012
Real Solutions to Canine Behavior Problems (From Aggression to Common Everyday Issues), Olympia, WA
Instructor: Pat Miller
June 2012
Basic Canine Detection and Problem Solving Course, Sequim, WA
Instructor: Don Blair
April 2012
Get S.M.A.R.T. and Step Up Your Training for Dog Sports!, Tacoma, WA
Instructors: Kathy Sdao and Michele Pouliot
April 2012