Free K9NW for Veterans


Thanks you Gail McCarthy!

Thank you Gail McCarthy! (used with permission)

Starting in 2014 K9 Sniff Works will be offering free Introduction to K9 Nose Work classes for Returning Veterans and their dogs.

Connecticut: We will be teaching free classes at Central K-9 in Glastonbury, CT. HUGE thanks to Jessica Edgerly for allowing us to use her great space.  

Massachusetts: We need some help for MA based classes.

  • Firstly, we need to locate a venue to offer FREE fortnightly K9NW classes for Returning Veterans with Dogs starting in 2014.
  • This venue should be:
    • dog friendly,
    • be available for a 2 hr block of time,
    • have parking and a restroom (or one next door),
    • be accessible either on the ground floor or have an elevator,
    • have a fairly empty indoor floor area of 20×20 (or larger to hold training class),
    • and be donated or extremely inexpensive to rent.

I am fully covered by insurance and these classes will be offered *completely free of charge* to Veterans and their dogs.   We will offer one free class spot to the person donating the space, free advertising on our web page and FB page for the person or company donating space, as well as shout-outs on other connected FB pages in return for their generosity.

Secondly, we need help spreading the word: We welcome all Veterans returning from war who might be interested in participating. Additionally, K9 Sniff Works is particularly keen to offer spots to those Veterans who are struggling with challenges such as PTSD, depression, mobility considerations (both dog and human), and other challenges.

Why support this free program and why take K9 Nose Work classes?

  • K9 Nose Work is a fun activity and sport that anyone can enjoy with their dog.
  • EVERY dog already knows how to do it! They were born knowing how! We provide puzzles for them to learn how to solve more efficiently and we learn how to read our dog’s behavior.
  • Dogs who are blind, deaf, snub-nosed, long-nosed, tall, short, old, young, on special diets, using wheels, walking on less than 4 legs, has behavioral anomalies (though some special conditions may apply)…they can all benefit from K9 Nose Work.
  • NO prior dog training or formal obedience training is required, on the part of the dog or the handler! We don’t use clickers or other training aides, the dog’s nose leads the way!
  • Provides a dog with an activity that promotes a dog having control over their environment and the ability to act autonomously. This is a tremendous and powerful experience for dogs and they absolutely LOVE it!
  • It strengthens bonds between handlers and dogs.
  • It is an enrichment activity, for both dogs and handlers, that engages not only the mind but the body as well.
  • We believe it provides a significant psychological benefit to both people and dogs who engage in the activity.
  • You can have fun doing it almost anywhere.
  • It can help dogs struggling with shy, fearful, or reactive behavior.
  • It gives busy dogs a place to ‘be busy’ and tire themselves out!
  • It helps people get out and get moving by spending time with other enthusiastic folks.
  • Because vehicle and luggage searches are just very, very cool!

These classes will be a safe zone and will at all times be a judgment free zone focused on having fun while forging relationships between people and fostering teamwork between handlers and dogs. We DO NOT discriminate; ALL breeds are welcome!

These classes will be held in the Western MA area roughly once every two weeks.  Schedule is yet to determined and will be based in part on facility availability.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in donating space or a Veteran who might be interested in coming to class please contact us at