Day of NW with Deb Ash Jan 23

Dog must be on Birch odor; they do not need be on anise and clove.


Please contact Jennifer Brown to register for a working spot or as an auditor.

Questions can be directed to Jennifer Brown



There is a waiting list for the working spots but we have plenty of auditor space left and that means you will have plenty of time to listen to everything Deb says and watch all the teams work and hear her comments on them.
New to NW
If you are new to nose work this is a great opportunity to see some great teams in action and learn more about all the fun you can have with your nose work partner.
Seasoned Handler
If you’re a seasoned team you can fully benefit from Deb’s extensive knowledge and experience, particularly how the environment affects the search and how handlers can maximize the effectiveness of their search strategy. We have a variety of working teams from NW1 up to NW3 dogs so you will see a very nice mix of levels.
Apologies for cross posts and multiple email lists. Please feel free to share this with your scent work friends and colleagues!
The details are below.
Deb has been in SAR for a few decades she is a member of the International Police Working Dog Assocaiton. She has extensive knowledge about scent work, has certified multiple dogs in SAR, participated in successful rescues and recoveries, as well as teaches NW in NH. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge and enjoy a great day of scent work fun.
 Registration Contact:
Please contact Debbie Guntly to register as an auditor or get on the working spot wait-list:
All working spot dogs must be on birch. If your dog is still on primary (food/toy) then please consider coming as a auditor; we promise you will learn heaps!
At this time we plan to limit the working spots to less than 15; though we reserve the right to make modest changes to that number. Our aim is to keep the working numbers small so that we can get plenty of detailed learning in throughout the day.
There are also auditor spots available; these allow you to relax, watch, and listen to what Deb has to say about each team without having to attend to your dog. Auditors should make every effort to leave their dogs at home; please contact us if you need to bring your non-working dog.
If you want a working or auditor spot please send Debbie an email with either subject line: DEB ASH WORKING or DEB ASH AUDITOR and Debbie will put you on the list per your email time stamp.
You will then receive the paperwork and payment details from her via email. After mailing them please send her an email indicating that you have sent in the paperwork and payment. If you are close to EF you can make arrangements to give it to us in person.
A wait list has been started based on email time stamp. If you send in a working spot request you will be offered an auditor spot. Then if those who expressed interest in a working spot have not postmarked their paperwork the spot will be offered to the next person on the list. You DO NOT need to register as an auditor to be on the working spot wait-list. If you do register as an auditor and are offered a working spot you will just pay the $25 difference.
In the unlikely event that the working spots do not fill we will offer people the opportunity to run a second dog. Please let us know if you have a second dog and wish to be considered for that opportunity.
Deb and I are both SAR personnel; in the event we are called to service an email will go out asap to let you know we need to postpone this event.
If a severe snow storm hits the area we will cancel the event and folks will be notified asap. A snow date will then be selected and we will let everyone know.
A full refund will be offered if the snow date is not convenient for folks providing they tell us within a selected time-frame.
Full refund up to Jan 1, 2016 minus $20.00 administrative fee
50% refund up to Jan 8, 2016
No refunds for cancellations after Jan 15, 2016
No refund for no-shows
Working spots are non-transferable.
Check your registration packet for information.